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Andersen Genève welcomes collectors from all around the world to create and deliver them the “pièce unique” they have always wanted to own. More than 100 “pièce unique” have been created and delivered.

Feel free to contact us to share ideas and Andersen Genève’s watchmakers will give their best to make your dream come true.

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Svend ANDERSEN was born in Denmark in 1942. He absolved normal and practical school and a four years' apprenticeship as watchmaker. With his diploma from the Danish Watchmaker School integrated in the Royal Technological Institute of Copenhagen, he went to Switzerland in 1963 in order to see how the world's best watches were made.

He first worked at Gübelin Lucerne in the after-sales service and in 1965 he joined Gübelin Geneva. He was also responsible for the shop service because of his excellent knowledge of languages.
In 1969 he made, as a hobby, his first Bottle Clock which was displayed at the "Montres et Bijoux" Show. This unique performance had brought him the renowned "Watchmaker of the impossible" as it was mentioned in the international press. Indeed, nobody had ever realized such a clock.

Patek Philippe got interested in ANDERSEN's creations and, in 1969, Svend ANDERSEN joined their ”Atelier des grandes complications”. Svend ANDERSEN launched his own workshop in the late 70’s after having spent 9 years at Patek Philippe. He started his career as independent watchmaker by first manufacturing cases for Italian collectors. Satisfied with the high quality of the work, the watch collectors started to ask for their own bespoke timepieces (called “pièce unique”). Since then ANDERSEN Genève has been developing complicated watches like the annual calendar, perpetuel calendar, and jumping hour calendar.



ANDERSEN Genève gained recognition not only from watch collectors but also from his peers. Svend ANDERSEN co-founded the AHCI – Académie Horlogère des Créateurs Indépendants - in 1985. In 1989 he developed the smallest calendar watch (6.5 x 17.4mm) ever produced; roughly the size of a match head. He was awarded world records from the Guinness Book. In 1994 one of his worldtime watch was awarded the thinnest worldtime watch ever made (the “Mundus”).ANDERSEN Genève has always welcomed and trained high end watchmakers like, Frank Müller, Felix Baumgartner, Sébastien Billières, Philippe Quentin to name a few.
Since 1980, ANDERSEN Genève has been creating high-end timepieces for collectors around the world. Its work combines incredible ingenuity with beautiful craftsmanship, much of it produced on a bespoke basis for clients wanting something personalised or completely unique.Svend Andersen first achieved fame in the watch world in 1969 with his “Bottle Clock” invention – a horological take on the “ship in a bottle” concept. He went on to develop his craft in the Grand Complications Atelier at Patek Philippe, where he worked for nine years. In 1980, he began taking private commissions from discerning collectors, soon opening his own workshop in Geneva – ANDERSEN Genève was born.Ever since, ANDERSEN Genève has been developing watches of significant complexity and beauty. In particular, it has become famous for its series of magnificent Worldtime editions; its “Eros” series of complex horological automata; the ingenious “Montre A Tact” watches that replace a dial and hands with a pair of time reading windows in the top and side of the watch; its “Secular Perpetual Calendar”, which requires no manual adjustment up to and beyond the year 2400; and its exceptional Jumping Hour models.Svend Andersen is also the founder of the Academie Horlogere des Createurs Independents (AHCI), which represents and promotes the work of the world’s finest independent watchmakers.With two small teams working in the heart of Geneva and, since 2022 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, only a few dozen timepieces leave the ANDERSEN Genève Ateliers every year – in fact, fewer than 1,300 timepieces have been manufactured since 1980. In all that time, the Geneva Atelier has remained at the same location next to the Rhône river, where traditional watchmaking artisans have worked for centuries. As such, Svend Andersen and ANDERSEN Genève have at the heart of independent watchmaking for over four decades.


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Where are you based?

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ANDERSEN Genève has one Atelier (workshop) in the city center of Geneva and an other one in La Chaux-de-Fonds

Do you have in-house watchmakers?

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Svend Andersen and three watchmakers are in Geneva, while Two watchmakers are in La Chaux-de-Fonds working alongside master casemaker Marco Poluzzi

Can I customise a watch?

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ANDERSEN Genève made more than 100 Unique Pieces since 1980. Any request is carefully considered with collectors.

How do I order a bespoke watch?

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Simply decide on your complication, the design details of your dreams and we are looking forward to request.

How long will I wait for delivery of my watch?

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6-12 months. More for Unique Pieces

Will my local watchmaker at home able to work on my Andersen?

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Do watches come with a guarantee?

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Your ANDERSEN Genève watch is under warranty for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase. All our watches have a two years guarantee

How to contact ANDERSEN Genève

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You can contact us through the contact form on www.andersen-geneve.ch/contact

Where are your watches made?

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All our watches are developed in Geneva. Then all parts are made between Geneva, La Chaux-de-Fonds with the help of craftsmen and suppliers. Every single part is made in Switzerland.

Can I make an appointment to visit the Atelier?

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We are welcoming collectors in Geneva & La Chaux-de-Fonds by appointment only.

Do you sell vintage ANDERSEN Genève timepiece?

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We do not have a pre-owned department but we can help you find the vintage ANDERSEN Genève timepiece of your dream. Please send us an e-mail with model & pictures.

How do I obtain a Certificate of Authenticity?

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It will be issued only after a physical examination of your watch by our watchmakers in Geneva.

How do I book in a service? What will it cost and how long should I expect it to take?

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We have Service Center Partners in Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur. For servicing watches in Europe or Switzerland, we make it in Geneva.

How much does a service cost?

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Physical inspection of the piece will be completed by our watchmakers and a repair estimate will be issued for your approval prior to service.

When should I have my ANDERSEN Genève timepiece serviced?

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This obviously depends on the way in which you use your watch on a daily basis. However, we would recommend that you entrust your watch to an authorized Service Center every 5 to 7 years.

Why do I need to service my watch?

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Your ANDERSEN Genève watch is a rare and precious timepiece. It thus contains mechanical components that require regular cleaning and lubrication, which should be performed every 5 to 7 years.This preserves the longevity of the mechanism.